Updates and competitions

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We are slowly finalizing the page and working hard on our first two reviews. The layout of the site is starting to come out nicely and by the end of the next week, we are hopefully making the last updates to it.

This weekend is going to be spent in Helsinki, Finland. As we are going to go over there for BJJ Finnish Open 2012. Our plan is to photograph the whole event to the best of our abilities and to publish all the pictures from both days in here. If you want to watch the event live, please visit http://www.bjj.tv and buy the stream, it's only 8 dollars. More information about the competition can be found from www.bjjliitto.fi.

Thank you for your patience guys, soon we will be delivering you with high quality reviews and lots of material from the BJJ community. And if this is your first time on our site, please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Welcome!