The world assists your growth.

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It has been a month now since my return home, and I can't believe all that has happened in the past 5 months.

India was just... remarkable. I learned a lot about myself and about us, humans in general during my 4 months in India. I grew immensely, learned not to take others opinions of me personally and found love. The most important love of all, for thy self. After years and years of trying to validate my place in this world by striving to accomplish one thing after another, I learned to just accept myself as I am. A work of art that is complete, yet never finished. With the help of some of my dear new friends I was able for the first time in my life to cry of happiness. Just being happy of what I've endured, witnessed, learned and ultimately, become. It is a feeling that has been a mystery for me before and it might be one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever felt, and I hope to encourage many others to strive for the same. No matter what society, your friends, your drunk uncle or parents think you should do. You know best. Do what you love and everything will fall in place.

Now this does not mean that I've become some super guru. I am just like you, having my bad moments and fearful moments. But now after a month back home, I have noticed that my general mood has been happier than before. And it has been beautiful to witness that I have been able to lift the mood around me. As that has been my goal for years now, I can't but feel grateful.

I mentioned on my previous post that I started a new project. I have been working on it like a horse and it is nearing publishing conditions. So stay tuned and expect something huge.

I also kept a frequent diary with me and I might do a story series of my travels, but we will see.
For now, keep being you. Peace.