Finnish championships 2013: a journey of twisted fingers and broken hopes (Part 3)

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 A short story depicting the emotions before and after a competition.

I'm walking back to my teammates, I can't muster out any words. I fall into a corner and just stare into nothing. All these emotions running through me, it is just too much to handle. I just want to be alone, somewhere quiet.

Sitting for a while and shutting down everything outside of me seemed to help. I got a handle of my emotions and slowed them down. I get up and pack my stuff, time to move forward. On the way home I remember that I have work to do on the same evening. I start giggling hysterically as I imagine myself standing at a door of a pub with one working hand and the other one wrapped up.

I'm heading to work with a USB WiFi stick under my 2 fingers, with a lot of tape around them. I didn't have anything else at hand so had to improvise on my medical treatments. I get to work and think "Shit. This is gonna be a rough night". Luckily I see lots of familiar faces and friends, just the conversations and their presence cheers me up. I get home at 4 am. It's a restless night.

The next day I get to a hospital and find out that there's a bone chip loose inside the finger. So it's a 1-2 month recovery time...

The days go by... So slowly. About a month into my injury I start testing my boundaries and go rolling with a huge lump of tape on my hand. I was happy, but my finger was not. I guess it wasn't time yet, back to resting.

This was my story.
I hope you enjoyed at least some of it :)

Tomorrow I am moving to a new home. I will have a lot more space and time for my writings.
As this was my first "mini-saga" I hope you would have some spare time and give me some constructive feedback, anything is appreciated. Thank you for reading.