Greetings from incredible India & new project

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Greetings from incredible India,

5 weeks on the road now. One place after another seems to be getting more and more amazing. Ancient temples alongside breathtaking landscape. Though, it's the people and culture that makes it a one of a kind experience. I can write more about it later, but the only thing that does it justice is experiencing and living it. So I highly, highly recommend to visit India and well... see the world.

The friendliness and curiosity amongst human beings is astounding. Most people seem to be friends immediately with each other. It isn't just chit chatting the usual line. As mostly, it can get into a long conversation of 'you name it'.
This might be the norm for you, but coming from the socially anxious, frozen lands of Finland this is opening up a whole new world of sharing.  So far I have heard several amazing stories from people about their lives and what they have witnessed around the great, yet small earth.

This brings me to an update on my life. On my travels here I have begun a new project. To keep it short and not to spoil too much until it is hot on the press, the topic is life. More info will come this year.

India truly is a love-hate relationship. You have both emotions from time to time, but depending on you is the amount of each. It's a real test of your psyche, how you take and handle each situation. You will either see your strength and handle everything with the inner peace of a saint, or you will have hard times but grow immensely from it, or you snap and break and never wish to see India again. Although you can also go through all of these  during one visit.

There is one sentence that I have grown to like in the land of Murphy's law: India happened.

Thank you,
- Jaan