Time to heal

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Rome was a success...

Now that a week has passed after the No-Gi Europeans, I'm almost completely recovered. Almost....

I had a successful weekend at Rome, grabbing home 3 gold medals and 1 bronze. First it was Roma Open on Saturday. Sadly I didn't have anyone in my weight category :( but luckily got 3 matches in absolute division, submitting 2 guys from the back and winning one match with 16 - 0 points. Even closed the final with a Bow 'n arrow. Filled with confidence from a good first day, I returned to the hotel to eat and recover.

The second day started good by winning my own division via submissions. Later I fought in the absolute division and won my first match with 17 - 0 points and the next one via Rear naked choke. The next guy caught me off guard and and got a takedown on me, I recovered him behind my guard and before I realized he was hanging on an ankle lock and I had to tap out before I knew what happened.

I dislocated my toe in one match and my knees have taken a toll from the many matches that weekend. It's clearly time to watch Kurt Osiander's taping videos and get back to training!

A big thank you to everyone supporting me, my coach and training partners.
Special thanks to Chico, Alan, Jackson and the 3 musketeers from Lahti for supporting me at Rome.

Alan "Finfou" Do Nascimento after winning the Medium-Heavy final against Max Carvalho.

I got some great pictures from Rome and will upload them in a day or two.

Stay tuned!