Suddenly in Rome for No-gi europeans

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I was sitting down in a cafe with some grappler friends drinking some exquisite cafe latte and having a bowl of acai, although the coffee shop owners looked very confused every time they made the acai. 3 guys running behind a small bar table looking at a blender and speaking rapidly in italian. A while passed, we enjoyed our coffees and talked jiu-jitsu and then it hit me, I'm going to compete tomorrow at Roma Open and the day after that at no-gi europeans. Filled with happiness of the moment I just couldn't stop smiling with the road I have chosen for my life.

Now sitting in a small hotel room with 3 other guys, everyone doing something relaxing and the room smelling of a mixture of sweat and tuna. I'm passing time occasionally chatting online, but mainly reading Christian Graugarts book The Brazilian Jiu jitsu Globetrotter. A highly vivid description of his journey across the globe with his backpack and gi. Filled with many interesting stories from extremely poor conditions and outdoor training to some of the most prestigous gyms in big cities. I was thinking about writing a review of the book, so far I highly recommend it to anyone interested in jiu jitsu.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend and keep on training!


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Hello, I'm here again, seeing updates. Excellent post, congratulations.
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