New project released - Stories by the people for the people.

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As I have previously mentioned, I've been working on a new project that I started on my travels. And I'm pleased to say that I have now finished the website and have been able to release a few stories. There are still many more to come and a few of them are like straight out of a movie.

What stories you might ask? These are stories from people all over the world. I ask people to share anything if not everything about their life. As short or as long and as much as one wishes to share.

The first wave of interviews are from my travels in India. From people all around the world, from different paths. And later on there will be a series of refugees stories and some people in Finland and well... ultimately from people all over the world.

My motivation for this comes from several sources. One of them being the current issue in Europe, the refugee "crisis". I've always thought of Finland being a country of understanding and caring people. But it seems that there can be a lot of hate and fear involved in facing the unknown. We know what the media tells us and mostly it is based on fear. My wish with these stories is to show, that we are all just Human. If we just sit down and listen, we might learn a thing or two and understand more deeply someones path.

Secondly I wish to assist in dissolving for good the idea of our separation. To assist in looking further than our religion, beliefs, nations or the labels that we put on ourselves or others. For in the end we are all the same, we are human. And the sooner we dissolve our imaginary borders and illusions of separation, the sooner we can start working together as Humanity in achieving great things together. Striving and living among the stars and other planets, living peacefully amongst each other and helping everyone. I believe we need not to fight for our existence or resources. We are living in an abundant world, but the abundance is heavily unbalanced. Why wait to get into Heaven, when we can bring Heaven on Earth.

And of course these stories are spiced with my love for real stories. I have always loved to hear someones story and my favourite books have always been autobiographies. From these I have learned the most and I'm always at awe at the struggles someone has endured, yet how beautiful and loving they have become.

Inspire yourself and you shall inspire others.

You can read these stories at:

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Now this does not mean that I am abandoning jiu-jitsu. It still has a very special place in my heart. If I am able, I will do some more highlights and stories about jiu-jitsu in the future.