Just some passing thoughts.

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So I have just finished my admittance exams to a new school. Reading for this exam has been keeping me more or less preoccupied for the past six months, well... That and jiu-jitsu. While reading philosophy I noticed to automatically form my own opinions on the matters at hand and with that I began a some kind of a hobby or a quest you might say. For personal and universal truths about almost everything. I want to know the absolute truth of the things that interest me and affect my life. Like what governments are doing, why they're doing what they're doing, what corporations are doing and why? For these things affect my life. Why am I here, How did I get here? Why are physics and quantum physics how they are and why the hell are quantum physics so fascinating. Now the list goes on and on and on. I know I might not get the answers to all my questions. But I enjoy researching and pondering on these subjects.

But the thing why I am writing is this. To know more about these I need to do research, right? But to know the absolute truth, I have to look into everything. With an unbiased mind, looking left and right. Searching the mundane, the weird and the wacky cuckoo stuff. As I live by a motto: "Question everything". And I might have taken it a tad far. But that's the way I like it.

Now back to the matter at hand. Some of these things seemed even weird for me when I looked into them. I never claimed to believe in them. Fascinating stuff for sure. But instantly just by wanting to talk about them with someone else to help me form a better opinion about it all I get ridiculed. Why? One person never even bothered to talk about it or ask me anything about he just started making a fool out of me. Did I claim anything? No. Then why? He was and still is a good friend of mine, although I might be on his shitlist now. I guess that's fine.
I am just trying to find inner peace and truth on this lie filled rock shooting through space. Don't judge me for the things you don't care to ask about.

Thank you.