The only constant is change.

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In the near end of 2015 my life took an unexpected turn. Once again I'm moving.

I am standing at a crossroad, several different paths lie ahead of me. Unable to decide which to take.

Until one day a friend talks about backpacking in India. I remember when I was young I traveled a lot with my family. Africa, North America, Japan, all over Europe. I guess it then hit me that this is the next step for me to take for my growth. An independent journey in one of the most shocking atmospheres for a western citizen.

So then I started to think it over. I got some money saved and just got a tax return, this could really be possible. I began jokingly saying to my friends that I might go to India. The more I said it, the more I realised that this must be done. So then I set my life in order back home and booked a flight.

Here I am 2 weeks away from departure. Ecstatic for all the new experiences and the strange, different culture that the East holds.

What do I hope to get from my journey?
Lately I have grown extremely tired of the western style of living. Consume, consume, consume. Be this, be that. Celebrity gossips, corrupt politicians and earth raping corporations. Same old loop with same old bullshit. It's time to get some distance from all this nonsense and get a breather.

As I have always been interested in different ways of living. I hope to meet new people and new ways of thinking. I'm not sure if there is a purpose that I'm seeking for this journey other than curiosity.

I can't but wonder how I will take on the culture shock and all that India has to offer. Most of all I'm curious if India will break my will. Let's see.

I will write now and then from my journey if I find myself extremely bored. But if you are interested you can follow my journey more closely on instagram @bjjguardnation

I also googled some info on BJJ clubs in India. There are at least a few. Now I'm struggling with the decision wether to take my gi along or not. It takes a lot of space in my backpack and my back has been really tense since my last injury. The desire to roll is strong and the desire to roll in a completely new environment is burning hot.

Keep calm and stay curious.
- Jaan