Writers block, flu season and an assistant... what?

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So once again I've had writers block and couldn't come up with anything interesting, so here are my rambling memoirs about everything that I can come up with... so not much.

Sadly, this doesn't work.

Currently Europe is sleeping on the major competitions for a while and I am in turn working on my strength training. Only if I could stay healthy for a while and not catch a bug every month, that would be great.

and my dear friend whom I travel with around the competitions has started to help me around and will start writing here and on Facebook. He will most likely make an introduction someday and I should probably too introduce myself a bit better and not be a mysterious internet predator.

I have been extremely lazy with my video editing and have me little progress with my mundial/buchecha HL video but will start to work on it Rambo-style, so stay tuned!

and a friendly reminder from Kit to lighten everyone's day.