Right around the corner to World Championship!

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Sorry everyone about the silence, I've just had such a hectic time in my life. But I will try to be more active from now on. Promise.

To the topic on hand, I'm one lucky guy from Europe to have such special friends who want me to succeed. I have been able to gain enough money with my amazing begging skills for a plane ticket and some nights in a cheap motel. In less than 2 weeks my trip to LA begins.
On my trip I hope to see some of my inspirations, the great legends. I bet seeing the black belt absolute final on scene is going to be intense and I'm taking my camera along to get some amazing photos and videos so stay tuned after the Worlds!

Some people on reddit wanted a meet up, but it's been quiet there. The only info I could gather about the meet up is that it usually is in the "Acai Jail". To elaborate on that, it is a fenced area from where you can't leave with your acai bowls so kind of a jail... but with some delicious acai.

And people from Scandinavia and other rural areas where you never see the sun! Remember your lotions!

and once more I want to thank everyone supporting me on my way! Especially my coach, teammates and financial supporters! Thank you for believing in me!